JumpStart Challenge

I am so excited that you have decided to join me for the next 21 days for the Jump Start 
Victorious Vision Challenge. As each year comes and goes I see myself and so many other women
who don’t accomplish all that was set for that year, and I’ve determined that THE CYCLE
STOPS NOW! No longer will we be victims to procrastination, low standards, and mediocre living.
I know that you have great and glorious plans for your year and you are strong enough, and
woman enough to make it all happen.

This challenge will set you up for a victorious year. We’ll be dealing with positive affirmations,
vision planning and toxic habits. These are all things you must acknowledge, and work on if success
is your goal. I’m ecstatic to walk with you on this journey. Greatness is the only return I’m
expecting, and I would implore you to set your mind on it as well.


Feel free to post encouraging messages, questions and comments in the Speak Life Mastermind group.

If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact us at laticia@laticianicole.com
La’Ticia Nicole 

A SpeakLife, 21-Day Victorious Vision Challenge with Laticia Nicole

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